The success of our organization and subsequent enjoyment of our members depends on you the volunteer.

 Calgary South West United (CSWU) and member community soccer programs charge a volunteer deposit of $100.00 per family for players registered in U10 to U18.  There are many positions, which if volunteers did not fill, would result in your child not being able to play soccer.

Volunteer fees have proven very successful in amateur sports as a way of ensuring that there are enough people to help with the activities of the organization.  The CSWU fee has been set at an affordable level when measured against those of other local soccer and sports groups.  Although a fee is levied for the U10 to U18 age groups you may choose to volunteer with younger children in our U3 to U8 programs as credit towards fulfilling your volunteer requirements (see chart at bottom).  Also, as a way of helping the communities who support our programs, you MAY also be able to use certain community volunteer service as fulfillment of this responsibility.

There are opportunities for parents to become part of the bigger picture of CSWU.  Many of the committees we need may only take a few hours a month to make a big difference in your player’s experience with our club.

At the time of registration, you are given the option of various volunteer roles to select from or the option of donating your volunteer fee of $100 immediately. By choosing this option you will not have to volunteer for any roles. Based on your selections, you may be contacted periodically throughout the season to volunteer. Please remember it is up to you, the volunteer, to ensure that you fulfill your volunteer commitment. Coaches are not responsible for finding volunteer roles for parents on the team. They have more important roles to fulfill in making the player’s experience rewarding.

The numerous volunteer opportunities, which may be fulfilled in lieu of paying the fee, are itemized below.  If you are interested in helping with any of these positions or have expertise in any other area please contact volunteers@cswusoccer.com.

When you have fulfilled your volunteer commitment, please ensure that your volunteer contact (coach or other club personnel) forwards the information to the CSWU Volunteer Coordinator.

(Please note all families regardless of role must have a volunteer deposit on file with the club in all seasons unless you have selected to pay the volunteer fee.)

Any disputes or challenges to the volunteer deposit must be on file with the club within 60 days of processing.

Total Number of Team Volunteers – Indoor Season = 10

Total Number of Team Volunteers – Outdoor Season = 9




INDOOR SEASON – 8 mandatory positions

OUTDOOR SEASON – 6 mandatory positions

Coach (U3 to U18)

Assume head coaching responsibilities for the team.

Assistant Coach (U3 to U18)

Assist coach with  team duties.

Team Manager (U10 to U18)

Any role that the coach of the team deems to benefit the overall success of the club

CMSA Field Marshall (U8 to U18 CMSA teams)

Adult other than a team official who will supervise spectators for possible acts of misbehavior. CMSA-supplied arm band to be worn.

Bench Parent/Chaperone

Parent available at the sessions. Parent must be the same gender as the team for practice sessions and games.




INDOOR SEASON – 2 volunteer positions

OUTDOOR SEASON – 3 volunteer positions

Lines Person (U10 to U18)

Parents are utilized to run lines for outdoor games. Outdoor season only.

Set Up of Nets (U10 to U18)

Parents are utilized to set up nets prior to the start of outdoor home games (and take down nets if no game following).  Outdoor season only.

Any Role Required

Any role that the coach of the team deems to benefit the overall success of the club




Age Group Coordinators (U3 to U8)

Find coaches, develop team rosters and act as the liaison between the coaches and the Club.

Any Role Required

Jobs pertaining to the operation of the Club on an as required basis.

Casino Volunteers

Work at a SWU Casino – Not available Outdoor 2016.

Community Board Member

Sit on a Community Board and attend meetings as required. May be assigned to special committees/tasks.

Bingo Volunteers

Work at a SWU Bingo to earn vouchers to cover SWU registration fees.

Data Entry

Work with Executive Director on data entry.

Equipment Volunteers

Assist in collection and distribution of equipment/uniforms for the Club.

Evaluations Assistant

Help Evaluation organizers with such tasks as player registration, assigning pinnies and field set up.  Volunteers are required to be program liaisons between parents and technical committee members.

General Office Help

Periodically work with office personnel during peak times filing, help with phone calls etc.  Data entry skills may be required.


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