HEY!  Already on the go.. Our CLEAT EXCHANGE program is attracting a lot of sweeeeet cleats!


Wondered why there are a large selection of new and lightly used cleats on racks when you head inside our SWUCTR front doors?

Our Cleat Exchange program is in flight.. & we need your support!


[highlight] Have unused cleats kickin’ around? Let’s give them a home to others that are looking for broken in boots![/highlight]


Have some lonely boots? Bring ’em in! Leave a pair or two.


In the market? Bring it in! Please keep it neat and dig for your size.


Rule of thumb is to leave a pair take a pair but regardless, your generosity will help others. Tie the right and left laces together so they dont break up so soon and hey, if you have any other equipment like GK gloves, shin pads and whatnot, they will help too.


Let’s work together and make some difference. Already we have helped a lot of families and we’d love to see more cleat connections come true! It’ll feel good… and clear up some space!