As required by Calgary Southwest United’s National Youth License, Calgary Southwest United is mandated to provide access to medical Staff, including medical access and physiotherapy to care for the organization’s athletes.

We did better than that!  We brought in ProActive Health Group; an amazing health care group, created to meet these needs.

ProActive Health Group is an in-house medical facility designed to help everyone perform and function at their highest possible level. Comprised of a team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and sport medicine care, ProActive Health Group has compiled a team of passionate professionals to provide extraordinary sports-focused health care for injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.


CSWU athletes have health care coverage through Alberta Soccer Association.
Members of Calgary Southwest United Soccer Association have secondary health insurance coverage for injuries sustained in a sanctioned game or practice. 
In order to qualify for this coverage, applicant must complete the Sport Accident Claim form within 30 days.

Our offices located inside the SWUCTR Training Facility are available to treat everyone and we are looking very forward to it.

Look at all of our services and high-end staff waiting for you: