Our club offers many ways to help out & we are always accepting the willingness for it.

There are TWO streams of volunteering below and  both options have the ability to impact your club financial profile.
If you have any further questions or are in need of further assitance, contact us at anytime.


For those who would like to join our Technical Team as a SWU Team Coach / Assitant Coach.

This is for those who have interest in the team environment working with all players and providing support on the field (ie. running drills, coaching games).

We are always looking for help in this area and provide many areas of on & off field support here.

To share your interest, click the link below to get started.


For those who are interested to work within our Technical Staff on-field or interested to join us as a High-Performnace coach, you can contact any Head Technical Staff members or fill out a form by clicking this link below.

Please note: Technical Staff positions are very limited and experience & credentials are a must. Our technical staff will respond upon interest.


This is for those interested to provide experience to our Technical Committee and can be accessed through communicating  with our Board of Directors.


For those who would like to get involved with a the organization of a SWU team.
This would entail working directly with the Club Admin, Team Coaches & Parents of the team in various areas of the team functionality but mainly the communication aspects.

To share your interest, click the button below to get started.


From time to time we require additional support in the following areas:

  • Basic Administrative Tasks (spreadsheet / data work)
  • Equipment Tasks (organizing club equipment for our programs (jerseys, balls, first aid kits, etc)
  • ‘Handy Work’ which would include helping with Facility tidyness, Upkeep of our Turf surface, Moving Items & General Facility maintenance

Tasks vary depending on the season of play and time of year. These areas tend to fill quickly and do tend to be limited.

To share your interest here, click the link below to let us know.


This is for those interested to help out working a shift at a club organized Bingo / Casino event.

There are info forms located in our ‘CLUB’ > ‘POLICIES & FORMS’ section for further details.

For those interested in supporting club fundraising initiatives.

There are two streams in this dept:
– Leading a Fundraising Event (bringing opportunities to our attention)
– Supporting a Fundraising Event (joining in on club approved fundraising opportunities)

If this is of interest, click the link below to let us know.


Given the economic times of todays life, Sponsorship is a very important role in supporting club sports and their families.

If Sponsorship is an area that is of interest & available to either your business or personal choices, please contact our Club Executive Director by clicking the link below or simply dropping by or contacting our club office.



There are additional opportunities that become available and we are always looking for additional help.
Within your club registration process, there is a section that is dedicated to putting your name forward to volunteer.