As mentioned in recent posts and cover pages, one of the all around most respected players in our club.. Hannah Duguid entered the recent CONCACAF tournament apart of the TEAM CANADA National roster.


Canada had a good tournament but did not make it through to the medal rounds despite winning 2 of their 3 opening round matches.

Regardless, Hannah and the squad powered on and defeated Haiti in their 4th game for a 5th place finish.






Hannah saw the field a-lot AND dropped some goals to the back of the net!



[h3_with_line]Hannah has left the building… for now.[/h3_with_line]

Hannah recently made a successful move to BC to join the Canada SUPER-REX program after the G17 Provincial Finals ended last weekend.

She reunites with other SWU SUPER-REX players and teammates Ally Remington & Andersen Williams!


We wish Hannah all the best moving forward and will continue to track her big time success!