We are excited, proud and humbled to announce that SWU was one of the very few that have been officially granted with the prestine Canada Soccer Youth Club License, which is the highest rating available from a youth soccer organization.


This license recognizes ourselves within the highest acvhieving leaders in the city, province & country for meeting the highest standards of all elements of youth club fucntion from the highest of Canada Soccer’s expectations.

The primary goals for the Canada Licensing Program are to:

  • Set clearly defined standards and expectations for member organizations;
  • Recognize excellence in the soccer community;
  • Raise the level of all soccer organizations throughout Canada; and,
  • Drive change in the soccer system.


Some of the outlined principles in which we submitted a large program outline for, proved to support the following:

  1. Prioritize Fun
  2. Emphasize Physical, Mental, and Emotional Safety
  3. Provide Developmentally-Appropriate, High Quality Programs
  4. Maximize Attraction, Holistic Personal Development, Progression, and Long-Term Engagement
  5. Focus on Participant-Centred Decision Making
  6. Foster Accessible, Inclusive, and Welcome Environments
  7. Act as a Good Corporate and Community Citizen


For more detailed information on Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program, click here.



This process included a very large amount of time from our club staff and Board of Directors spanning many months of hard work. We are grateful and passionate to share this wonderful news with our community and look forward to continuing to provide strong commitment to our members.

We are on a strong path and would not be in this position without you.