It started with a frantic phone call from one of the team representatives as the call came into the office.

Nervously, we anticipated a different kind of conversation; but once the words came out, it was high fives around the room.

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Our PREMIERS 04G were chosen as a winner in the Canada Soccer / ChristiePass the Love‘ competition!


It was agreed that the arrangement would be kept as a surprise for the team as all of the prizes & staff would be headed our way.


Fast forward two weeks. May 9th 2017, the team received a strange schedule change.

Instead of heading outdoors for their session, their schedule asked them to arrive at the Calgary Soccer Center for an indoor session. Wait.. indoors?



The friendly people from Pass the Love had it all set up and the players headed into a dressing room with their coaching staff, awaiting the nod to head out to the field.

this little guy was sitting in the middle of the field, waiting.

Once the word came in, the players were asked to hurry up and get out to the field, as prizes awaited them.

Stunned, they looked at the coaches, and bolted.


They were met with a Camera crew as they all ran out into the field (not knowing a thing) and lifted the top off the box and started to experience Christmas.

premiers were excited to say the least!


The team was asked to find the red box as it contains their ‘Mystery Prize‘.

Once they found it, they read it together and were told they won a session with members of the Canadian National Team!

…and that it starts now.

guess who!

Once again stunned, from behind all of us walks out Nik Ledgerwood and Emily Zurrer! WHAT!

surprise session with Nik & Emily!


Not only did they get to meet the National players and work with them, the contest supplied our winners with a ton of gear as well for both players, team & coaches.

A huge thank you to the Pass the Love family for the experience.