[a message from our board of directors]


The South West United Board of Directors has been engaged in a significant effort of strategic planning over the past 7 weeks. Specifically, we have undertaken a thorough organizational review and evaluation and the Board is in final preparations to announce important changes to the club structure that will set the direction for the future of SWU in Calgary. In addition, the groundwork has been laid for development of a club communication plan and a member engagement strategy to ensure future transparency and accountability for everyone at SWU.

We are thoughtfully and carefully working through the challenges that often arise in volunteer organizations and we are wholly committed to ensuring that the valid concerns of our members are listened to, acknowledged and then responded to. To that end, we have engaged in many positive, constructive meetings with groups and individuals to hear concerns held by those members and to share our vision of the club’s direction. By engaging more of our membership, we ensure a broader cross-section of players and their families are represented in the future plans of our Club.

As one of the largest soccer clubs in Calgary – and in Alberta – we recognize the influence we can have on the soccer landscape in this city and that is a responsibility that is valued and taken very seriously. To that end, we are committed to making changes that will secure our club a place of prominence and respect within the soccer community. The Board and our staff are working exceptionally hard on behalf of every member of SWU to bring about meaningful and progressive change that will lead SWU to a bright and promising future.

The Club has grown to have a wonderful history from its beginnings in 2003 and since that time thousands of players of all levels have had very enjoyable experiences during their many years playing with the club. As registration continues and we get ready for the indoor 2016-17 season we can assure everyone that the club remains strong and that we look ahead with optimism and a sense of excitement as we prepare for a new chapter in our club’s history.

Thank you for your continued support for South West United, we truly value your participation in the club and we look forward to enjoying another great season under the SWU banner.
SWU Board of Directors